The Smooth Void-The Lounger

The Smooth Void is a lounger that aims to transform the role of textiles from embellishment to a piece of furniture. Its innovative use of fabric offers different ways of getting comfortable.

The Smooth Void demonstrates the potential of knit as not only a cover or decorative element but also as upholstery. While textiles often serve as the ‚finishing touch’, The Smooth Void’s knit is fundamental to the comfort experience.

The lounger offers a variety of ways to get comfortable in both laying and sitting positions. Both object and body complement each other and create a singular vibrant expression of comfort.

The organic and minimalist shape represents a specific aesthetic atmosphere, which is brought to life with color and design coherence. It is a balance of artistic beauty and functional expression.

The lining of the woolen upper surface follows the shape of the frame and disappears into a void. Around twenty layers of a cotton-lycra fabric tunnel are stretched over the base padding, consisting of spacer fabric. The result is a high level of tactility, which promotes physical and emotional comfort.

Design: ©2020MariaWolffMetternich 

Image: ©2020AdriánMatrosJimenez,HannahSchareckGbR

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